Brilliant Poems About Women by Women

I’ve had this post semi-written in my drafts for a couple of weeks now and kept completely forgetting to finish it off in the chaos of deadlines which was the last week’s of term, but better late than never. This is a list of 5 poems by brilliant women which were read out at The Vagina Monologues Open mic night which I organised at my university. Vagina Monologues rauses money for women affected by domestic and sexual abuse whilst empowering women through spoken word and acting.  

These 5 poems should, in my opinion, be compulsory reading for every young woman trying to find their way in this sexist world. 

  1. I Want a Dyke for President – Zoe Leonard
  2. Interview – Dorothy Parker
  3. He Tells Her – Wendy Cope
  4. Is/Not – Margaret Atwood
  5. I Rise – Maya Angelou

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