A Quick Post for the One Year Anniversary of Red Hat Reads

Today marks a year since i first joined WordPress, although I feel like I’ve made considerably less than a year’s worth of posts. Hiatuses reaching a couple of months at a time have been regular occurrences and I’m sorry about that. During term time I read for my course, and to be honest sometimes I don’t even do that properly as most of the novels from my course this year now sit on the shelf with the bookmark sandwiched somewhere near the halfway mark. Luckily a lot can be said in a seminar based solely on a few opening chapters.

Doing a English literature degree has changed my relationship with books in both negative and positive ways. I have a deeper understanding of literary theory and history, and I’ve some works that i never would had thought to pick up had they not been on my reading list (‘Adam Bede’ by George Elliot being a notable example, of a 500 page novel that i both finished and enjoyed last term). But studying books gives me hardly any time to love books, I rarely read for pleasure during term time and if I do I’ll properly reread an old faithful simply to give my mind a rest.

The next six weeks are going to be a long marathon of essays and exam prep but keep your eyes peeled – come June I’ll be reading whatever the hell I want again!

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