I’m Making a Zine and Need Your Help!

Definition of a zine: a noncommercial often homemade or online publication usually devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject matter

In this case the unconventional subject matter in question is death. 

My zine is called ‘I Mortal’ and I am looking for submissions on the subject of death – what does death mean to you? Why do we fear death yet remain fascinated by it? What does it mean throughout history? Why is death such a prevailing theme in artwork and literature? How is death understood through religious, atheist or spiritual perspectives? Who or what is death?

If you would like to submit work for my zine please do. Artwork, poetry, prose, experimental work, puzzles, photography etc. are all welcome. The theme of the zine is death and you may take this theme in any direction you wish. I’m looking for deep internal reflections on mortality not horror stories and murders, as fun as they are, because I feel like excessive horror detaches us from the real thing we fear about death which is it’s mundanity, the fact that it is always with us like the very air we breathe.  All featured creators will receive a free copy of the zine and an invite to a party in the after-world.

Find the zine on instagram for more updates: @i_mortal_zine

Submissions info:

  • Please send work to: i_mortal_zine@yahoo.com
  • The deadline is August 31st
  • Please include the title of your piece(s) and the name you would like to be printed with the piece (it can be anon)
  • If you are submitting artwork please submit a high quality JPEG or PDF scan/version


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