Thank You!

This is my 50th post on this blog so I thought it was a fitting time for a quick update and a big thank you!

In the past week I past 50 followers and 200 likes, which I know doesn’t sound like a lot in this world of multi-millionaire follower counts on instagram influencers, but for a little book review and poetry blog that’s good. I feel like the hard work that I’ve started to put into this blog in the past couple of months by posting at least once per week has really paid off, so I’m really going to work hard at keeping that up. Every Wednesday (or maybe Thursday like this week when I’m tired and forget on Wednesday) a new post will arrive on my blog, alternating between ‘Poetry Wednesday’ and other posts (reviews, essays, discussions, lists etc.). This way I have plenty of time to work on my poetry posts and my other posts to keep the quality high and the posting schedule consistent – I watch a lot of YouTube and I know my favourite YouTubers posting schedules of by heart so I know how important it is.

I’ve been surprised at how popular my ‘Poetry Wednesday’ posts have been so far and I’m really grateful for that. I in no way describe myself as a good poet, or even a poet for that matter, but seeing the likes and engagement with my weekly poems has really given me a springboard of confidence to keep writing and to find ways to engage in the poetry culture of my new city. I want to go to open mic nights in Manchester in the coming weeks and find my tribe again like I found it at ‘Writer’s Society’ and ‘Poetry Cafe’ at Lancaster University. In lew of a poem this week I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on the poems I’ve posted to my blog so far as part of ‘Poetry Wednesday’.

  • Week 1 – Kotsuage
    • This is one of my first ‘death poems’ that I wrote in the past year, and I’m still really proud of it. Writing it in fact inspired my to start my own zine. I love this poem because it explores a very small action yet it is full of intense emotion, I was very inspired by haikus which I was studying for an essay at the time.
  • Week 2 – L’homme Dans La Bibliothèque
    • This poem has become somewhat of a meme with my friends (‘I am watching I’ – is the line in question). This poem is great to read out at open mics as the audience never knows how to react, am I joking or am I serious? Who knows?
  • Week 3 – Beat Down
    • This poem reminds me of my dissertation which is a bitter-sweet feeling. Sometimes I loved working or my dissertation and sometimes I felt sick with stress, these emotions then became tied up with the writers of the beat generation. Sometimes I hate them, sometimes I love them. I haven’t read any of their work since I finished my dissertation, I think I needed a break and I’m looking forwards to returning to them with my critical brain in retirement.
  • Week 4 – Breathe
    • Another death poem! I got a lot of inspiration for this poem from the book ‘A Brief History of Death’ which I highly recommend.
  • Week 5 – Joan of Art
    • I wrote this a while ago I just really love the title so I wanted to share it with you all. I also really love colours and somehow I want to capture colours in black and white writing, which is a theme I’m going to try and explore some more in my future poems.

This post was a bit of jigsaw of bits and pieces really but I honestly just wanted to say thank you to my 56 followers and all the people that have liked my work so far. I’ve enjoyed running this blog for a few years now, even when I was getting less than 10 views per post, but I feel like I’ve got better at it over time and happier with this blog. This blog is my genuine voice and I love it even more now I’ve left university so I can have my own sort of critical brain engaged and writing (unlike the type of critical brain that wasn’t my own when I was studying at University).


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