Poetry Wednesday – Week 6 – Tire Iron

Kind gory death poem? Loosely inspired by the film ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and the documentary ‘Matthew Shepard Was A Friend Of Mine’.

Image result for brokeback mountain scenery

Tire Iron

Peach fuzz cheek deconstructed,

the hard bone stone within,

deep tones of red and darkness.

Steel rust and blood lust.


Distended pulseless tongue an old man grey.

Half seen eye like a fish on ice, trapped and shallow.

A flat earth under a clouded glass dome.


A gentle face dehumanised.

Crushed like a coke can on the side of the road.

Sunburnt skin blistered and burst,


Red run off rivers, rocky with baked iron brown clots.

Dusty sun beam strokes virgin pearl skin

A warm caress like his mother’s dry soap-smelling hand.

She remembers his life before death,

His life before life.


Boy body reduced to base elements.

Carbon connections shattered

returned to the dirt shadowed earth.


Bones crushed like a turkey leg on a Thanksgiving spread

Snuck under the table, to the red eyed wolf

Curled up inside his pining pet dog.


Savage canines snaps at tiny bird bones,

blood on her fur, blood on his cheek

red printed and torn skin like a movie ticket


ripped by the blood thirsty savage

curled up inside the school bully,

who works at the cinema,

never learnt how to change a tire.

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