Where have I been?

It happened again. I stopped blogging for months. I’d been doing so well, posting weekly blogs, poems, reviews, essays, varied formats, the whole works. I’d just celebrated 50 followers and 200 likes a couple of weeks before complete silence. I was enjoying running this blog as well, which is the only important thing really, so why did I stop?

Well, as it is bound to, life got in the way. In the past few months I searched for, and found, a new flat which me and my boyfriend are going to be moving into soon. I’ve started a new job at a brand new venue in Manchester, which has been equal parts fulfilling and stretching, I put my whole self into my work there in the opening weeks, as did everyone. Both of these events are amazing, exciting things, but they left me with little mental energy for much else.

There’s also, of course, been a big personal adjustment and reassessment since leaving University which left me feeling disconnected to the persona that exists within this ‘book blog’. Since graduating I feel like I’ve learnt more then I did in my three years at University. I left the University bubble and promptly entered the world, maybe too fast, but I feel like I’m finally starting to find my footing. I feel like I’m not in the deep end any more, as I was in June, although it hasn’t been a straight and easy swim to the shallows, the aforementioned new job and flat search dumped me back in the deep a few times.

Since graduation I’ve not been reading like I used to. I’ve gone from consuming three to four books a week during my time in Sixth Form, to forcing myself to read the same quantity through University although sometimes hating every moment of it, to reading sporadically, unable to fully connect with the ‘book worm’ identity I once held as an integral part of myself. This is not to say that I have not been reading since graduation, at first I still read like an English literature student, always thinking about how I would write a review or an essay on this ‘text’, looking for themes and motifs. Then I moved onto reading almost exclusively manga, which is something I’ve really fallen in love with, unfortunately manga is a rather expensive hobby which has had to be put on hold for a little while until we settle into life in our new flat. Manga is also a hobby that feels exclusively fun, I don’t want to review manga on this blog, it feels wrong to in anyway dissect or deconstruct it.

All of this has built up to me being left with nothing to review, and no real enthusiasm to write book reviews. I want to continue with my blog, but I want to write more widely. I want to write about food, films, art, eating out, exploring, and maybe books once in a while; that is to say I want to write from the perspective of my whole self not just the part of me that likes to read. This does mean that I needed to rename my blog so here you are, experiencing the first post on ‘Alice is on an Adventure’. Goodbye ‘Red Hat Reads’ because I read, but that is not all that I do. Goodbye the second name for this blog which was ‘Her in the Red Hat’ because I lost the particular red hat after which this blog is named some time ago, and red hats are somewhat associated with MAGA now which is definitely not cute. Plus I feel like naming my blog after myself rather than after an object associated with me makes me more connected to it. This blog is now my adventure, adventures can go as fast or as slow as they want to, and they can go anywhere. With so much recent change in my life I think I can handle switching up my blog with ease and good grace, and I truly look forward to where my blog is going to go from here.



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