An Unstructured, Untitled, Unplanned Update

So, it’s been a little while since I’ve been active here. I was sort of getting into posting regularly and I’d created some pieces I was really proud of (specifically my post about poetry, and my vegan food weekend). I had some good ideas for posts in the time I wasn’t writing but no really drive to write them up. I thought about writing about my experience one year after University and one year in Manchester; and there were so many good books and good meals that I could have written about, but I didn’t.

The past few months have been a strange time in my life, in the fact the whole of 2019 so far has been rather strange. I left one job in food at the start of the year with plans to start down a new career path, I found myself back in the food industry at La Boca at the start of March, and at the start of July continued my food journey with a new job at Tea Hive in Chorlton as a baker. If that sounds confusing to you, imagine hows it’s been for me. So much of my mental energy has been taken up my work, and the desire to find stability and happiness in it, that writing any of this journey down at the time was a daunting and mentally exhausting idea.

Now I’ve been working at Tea Hive for a few weeks, I finally feel like I have the head space and the energy to write again and put some of my free time into challenging activities, like writing and creating, not just resting. I was recently talked to my friend Alex (who has a website of his own which features fantastic writing and creative things – here) about the struggle that comes with trying to produce content for a blog, he talked about not forcing yourself to be creative for the sake of a blog but instead doing creative things for their own sake and then writing about it. That’s something that I’m really going to keep in my mind for the ‘revival’ of my blog – a place which will include a lot more reflection, creation, reviews, recipes, general mind puke and fun stuff.

TDLR: I’m back babes, I’m a baker now and I want to be a blogger again.

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