My Rocky Relationship With Poetry

I have a confession to make. I don't particularly like poetry. (Please don't unfollow, close the tab, and never speak to me again, hear me out!) The majority of it I don't understand. I don't even understand half the things I write myself, so stitched together they are with rehashed cliches and borrowed phrases. I … Continue reading My Rocky Relationship With Poetry

My 2018 in Books

This time last year I did a long retrospective post on what I read in 2017, I thought about doing the same format this year an '18 best reads of 2018' list but I realised that what I had to say about my reading this year was a lot more complex than a simple list … Continue reading My 2018 in Books

My Favourite Animes (So Far)

I've been on a bit of a blog hiatus recently because I've not really felt inspired to write anything. I've been reading a lot but I've not felt like sitting down to review the books I've been reading, I've enjoyed just letting them be at peace. This is a post I've had in my draft … Continue reading My Favourite Animes (So Far)

A Vegan Adventure in Manchester

It's been a year since my vegan week which I posted about here all the way back at the start of December last year. I posted on my one month anniversary, and again at the six month mark, and here I am marking one year since starting this adventure. I'm not going to say it's … Continue reading A Vegan Adventure in Manchester

Where have I been?

It happened again. I stopped blogging for months. I'd been doing so well, posting weekly blogs, poems, reviews, essays, varied formats, the whole works. I'd just celebrated 50 followers and 200 likes a couple of weeks before complete silence. I was enjoying running this blog as well, which is the only important thing really, so … Continue reading Where have I been?

Poetry Wednesday – Week 7 – The Middle of May

This poem I feel like speaks for itself, it is set in a precise moment but also all of my life. I sat on the grass in the park and felt the night rain bleed through the bandage of my blanket, the back of my legs cold, the sunrays kissed my gooseflesh and transformed me. … Continue reading Poetry Wednesday – Week 7 – The Middle of May

My Five Favourite Anime Films

I first came to anime through films, I've grown up watching animated films from Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks so that means that watching anime films is an easy way to get into anime. These are my five favourite anime films, they are all directed by two different people Makoto Shinkai and Hayao Miyazaki (of Studio … Continue reading My Five Favourite Anime Films