My 2018 in Books

This time last year I did a long retrospective post on what I read in 2017, I thought about doing the same format this year an '18 best reads of 2018' list but I realised that what I had to say about my reading this year was a lot more complex than a simple list … Continue reading My 2018 in Books

Where have I been?

It happened again. I stopped blogging for months. I'd been doing so well, posting weekly blogs, poems, reviews, essays, varied formats, the whole works. I'd just celebrated 50 followers and 200 likes a couple of weeks before complete silence. I was enjoying running this blog as well, which is the only important thing really, so … Continue reading Where have I been?

Thank You!

This is my 50th post on this blog so I thought it was a fitting time for a quick update and a big thank you! In the past week I past 50 followers and 200 likes, which I know doesn't sound like a lot in this world of multi-millionaire follower counts on instagram influencers, but … Continue reading Thank You!

The Cost of My Degree – A Reflection

A few weeks on from posting 'Three Years of Books - A Reflection'┬áit has become my most liked, most viewed, and responded to post of all time on my blog. I'm really happy about that, I put a lot of work and thought into it and was actually pretty proud of what I've produced. The … Continue reading The Cost of My Degree – A Reflection

6 Months As A Vegan – How Do I Feel Now?

It feels very strange to sit down and formally write this post about something that now seems like such a natural part of my life. At first it was hard, and part of me thought it wasn't worth all the effort but now I don't think too hard about being vegan, it just comes naturally. … Continue reading 6 Months As A Vegan – How Do I Feel Now?

Three Years of Books – A Reflection

3 years of university. 2 years of assessed work which will determine my overall grade: 2 presentations, 33,000 words worth of essay, 1 creative project, 4 exams. 2 in class tests, and a 10,000 word dissertation. (It's sounds like a lot when I count it up like that). Now its over. That means I've officially … Continue reading Three Years of Books – A Reflection

Harry Potter Hiatus (Why I Haven’t Posted in 2 Months)

It may seem that the fact i haven't posted in two months is an indicator that I've given up on reading and blogging but the opposite is the case. I've spent the last two months entrenched in my post exam tradition of reading the seven Harry Potter books back to back. I started this tradition … Continue reading Harry Potter Hiatus (Why I Haven’t Posted in 2 Months)