My Rocky Relationship With Poetry

I have a confession to make. I don't particularly like poetry. (Please don't unfollow, close the tab, and never speak to me again, hear me out!) The majority of it I don't understand. I don't even understand half the things I write myself, so stitched together they are with rehashed cliches and borrowed phrases. I … Continue reading My Rocky Relationship With Poetry

The Cost of My Degree – A Reflection

A few weeks on from posting 'Three Years of Books - A Reflection'┬áit has become my most liked, most viewed, and responded to post of all time on my blog. I'm really happy about that, I put a lot of work and thought into it and was actually pretty proud of what I've produced. The … Continue reading The Cost of My Degree – A Reflection

Three Years of Books – A Reflection

3 years of university. 2 years of assessed work which will determine my overall grade: 2 presentations, 33,000 words worth of essay, 1 creative project, 4 exams. 2 in class tests, and a 10,000 word dissertation. (It's sounds like a lot when I count it up like that). Now its over. That means I've officially … Continue reading Three Years of Books – A Reflection