‘The Tempest’ Retold – ‘Hag-Seed’ by Margaret Atwood

I've reviewed a production of Shakespeare here before and I've reviewed a book by Margaret Atwood here before, this book combined both Shakespeare and Atwood and, a trademark of both writers, is beautifully comic and tragic at the same time. 'Hag-Seed' focuses on Felix Phillips, an avant-garde theater director who is unceremoniously sacked from his … Continue reading ‘The Tempest’ Retold – ‘Hag-Seed’ by Margaret Atwood

All The Globe’s a Stage -From The Globe Theatre ‘Richard II’

I am lucky enough the live very close to an amazing independent cinema and when I saw they would be showing a taped version of Richard II from the Globe theater I couldn't resist. Despite knowing absolutely nothing about the plot, I'm an English Literature student and Shakespeare done right reminds me why I'm studying … Continue reading All The Globe’s a Stage -From The Globe Theatre ‘Richard II’